21 June 2012

Jiu Jitsu Pro League by IBJJF with $15,000 IBJJF - Compete for Money

Are you in it to win it? Jiu Jitsu Black Belts can now set their sights on a more lucrative competition scene with the IBJJF, as they FINALLY bring to us a competition with cash prizes for Black Belt competitors. No more long trips to Abu Dhabi or other lack-luster events with minimal cash prizes. We hope this will be the first of many. (With hopes of larger cash prizes in the future.)

The first IBJJ Pro League will take place in California at Cal State Long Beach on December 8th, 2012. Details on weight classes and competitors will be announced soon. Stay tuned for more updates! 

19 June 2012

Brown Belt - Adult Jiu Jitsu Competitor Rankings - 2012

The Jiu Jitsu Brown Belt Adult Divisions are the next breed of black belts that are being prepared for stardom. Below we have posted the top 20 Jiu Jitsu Brown Belts (Adult Division) for the 2012 competition season. Will any of these competitors see a black belt around their waist in the near future?

Click here to see the complete 2012 Brown Belt Jiu Jitsu Competitor Rankings.

1AdultMedium-HeavyFelipe Carsalade Araujo PenaGracie Barra1040
2AdultSuper-HeavyJoão Gabriel de Oliveira e S. RochaSoul Fighters BJJ780
3AdultUltra-HeavyOrlando Mario SanchezGracie Barra620
4AdultHeavyJurandir Vieira da ConceiçãoGodoi JJ Club600
5AdultMiddleBeneil DariushGracie Barra520
6AdultMiddleRenato Guimaraes CardosoCheckMat500
7AdultMedium-HeavyVictor Silverio SantosGF Team500
8AdultLight-FeatherRonaldo Cândido OliveiraAtos Jiu-Jitsu420
9AdultLight-FeatherThomas L Correa LisboaAlliance420
10AdultLightStephen Patrick MartinGracie Barra380
11AdultSuper-HeavyEliot Andrew KellyYemaso Brazilian Jiu Jitsu380
12AdultUltra-HeavyAbraham J. Marte MessinaYamasaki Academy Gothenburg360
13AdultLightAJ AgazarmGracie Barra320
14AdultMiddleDe'Alonzio Jerome JacksonTeam Lloyd Irvin320
15AdultHeavyHerico Hesley de Albuquerque PintoNova União320
16AdultFeatherVictor Figueiredo GenovesiAlliance300
17AdultSuper-HeavyAaron Michael JohnsonAlliance280
18AdultMedium-HeavyRoberto TorralbasTeam Lloyd Irvin280
19AdultHeavySteven J PattersonBrasa Warrior International280
20AdultLightTanner Wade RiceAlliance Los Angeles280

03 June 2012

Mundials Black Belt Finals - 2012 World Jiu Jitsu Championship Final Matches

Follow the Mundials Black Belt Finals, to see who will take the gold for the 2012 World Jiu Jitsu Championship.


Final do masculino: Marcus Buchecha x Leo Nogueira

Final do feminino: Gabi Garcia x Luiza Monteiro



Quarter Finals:
- Milton Carlos x Rafael Freitas
- Bruno Malfacine x João Carlos Hiroshi
- Felipe Costa x Koji Shibamoto
- Caio Terra x Brandon Mullins

- Rafael Freitas x Bruno Malfacine
- Felipe Costa x Caio Terra

Bruno Malfacine ia vencendo por 4x0 até finalizar Rafael Freitas com um estrangulamento pelas costas. Na outra semifinal, Caio Terra avançou após Felipe Costa abrir passagem, pois ele foi seu primeiro professor.

Final: Bruno Malfacine x Caio Terra

02 June 2012

Mundials Results - 2012 World Jiu Jitsu Championship

2012 Mundials World Jiu Jitsu Championship Results are being posted as they come in. There has been some serious talk this year about confusion on the rules changes, with matches ending with missing points, and disqualifications. One of Andre Galvao's purple belt students, who should have taken home the gold medal this year, lost his match to an illegal knee bar. There have been so many examples this year of confusion from all sides, referees, coaches, and competitors. We would recommended that IBJJF create a mandatory video for all to watch, showing illegal moves for each belt. We are hoping that this World Jiu Jitsu Championship will set a new standard in the quality of tournaments, and the referee training and understanding of the rules is more widely understood by all.

Stay tuned for Jiu Jitsu Black Belt finals results posted later today.

Below are the most recent results for this years Mundials, 2012 World Jiu Jitsu Championship results: