30 November 2012

2012 Jiu Jitsu Black Belt Competitor Rankings are here!

From the Pan Ams, to the Mundials World Jiu Jitsu Competition, this year’s black belts have been taking on the 2012 Jiu Jitsu competition season with no fear and with no mercy for their opponents. And if you were lucky enough to catch this year’s Mundial Finals, you would understand exactly what we are talking about. Of course, Black Belt Jiu Jitsu finals at Worlds are always intense, but this year competition was so fierce that many of the matches ended with a dead even score, or with a victory being pulled out at the last remaining second of the match. Truly nail-biting stuff happening here!

With the results in for the majority of the 2012 season, we are posting our updated 2012 Jiu Jitsu Black Belt Competitor Rankings. This includes all IBJJF tournaments thus far, including the BJJ Pan American Championship, as well as the Mundials World Championships, both taking place in Southern California. The remaining competitor points were earned at IBJJF Opens so far this year. So if you are not happy with your rank and want to boost it up a bit more, check out the remaining opportunities you have for this year to put your score higher on this year’s rankings.

29 November 2012

IBJJF Pro-League Confirmed Athletes - 2012

The first ever, IBJJF Pro League competition will take place December 2012 in California, USA.

Below is a list of the confirmed athletes for this tournament:

12 November 2012

Sul-Americano de Jiu-Jitsu 2012

This year's South American Jiu Jitsu Championship will take place in Santa Catarina, Brazil. (FYI - The capital of Sanata Catarina is Florianopolis, which is one of the busiest tourist areas in the country of Brazil.)

It will take place the weekend after Thanksgiving, on November 24th-25th. (Saturday and Sunday) This two day Jiu Jitsu tournament is expected to bring quite a show of Jiu Jitsu competitors from South America. Jiu Jitsu in South America, particularly in Brazil, is a highly competitive sport.

The 2012 Sul Americano Jiu Jitsu tournament will take place at:
Centro Multiuso de São José
Avenida Beira Mar de São José, s/n.
São José / SC

Brasília International Open Jiu-Jitsu Championship

The 2012 Brasilia International Open will be an amazing event in the city of Brasilia, the capital of Brazil. The population in this Brazilian city is about 2.5 Million people, and there are many Brazilian Jiu Jitsu schools in the city, and in surrounding Brazilian cities.

This is the first year IBJJF will be heading into Brasilia for an IO, but certainly not the last.

The location of the tournament will take place at:
Ginásio de Esportes do Cruzeiro,
SHCES Quadra 609 Lote 02,
Cruzeiro Novo, Brasília - DF. 

This will be a one day Jiu Jitsu tournament, taking place on Saturday, November 17th

Did anyone else see the prices? Venues must be much cheaper in Brazil...because registration is only $50/$60. (Compared to $100+ anywhere else).

05 November 2012

No Gi World Championship Results - 2012

Congrats to all the World No Gi competitors who were brave enough to compete this year. The number of competitors was a little lower than last year, but the day still turned out with some great match ups.

Below is the list of results for the 2012 World No Gi Championship.

22 October 2012

World No Gi Jiu Jitsu Competitor List - 2012

Get ready for this year's Jiu Jitsu World's No Gi tournament. Prep your rash guard, and primp your shorts...or whatever you do to get yourself ready for some slip and sliding, fast and furious Jiu Jitsu matches. This year's tournament will take place in Long Beach California, at Cal State University, Long Beach. (1250 Bellflower Blvd.)

The registration deadline is quickly approaching, and the last day to submit your registration is Friday, October 26th, 2012.

21 October 2012

2012 Miami IBJJF International Open Results

Miami Dade College was swarming with Jiu Jitsu competitors and spectators for the 2012 Miami IBJJF Open tournament, the 4th year the Open has been held in the Sunshine State. Jiu Jitsu has grown substantially in the Miami area, and the tournament was packed with competitors from Juvenile, Adult, Masters and Senior divisions.

This year's 2012 Miami Open Jiu Jitsu tournament saw some of the world's top black belts competing on the mats, as the tournament was held in the backyard to many great Jiu Jitsu schools.

London Open Jiu Jitsu IBJJF 2012 - Results

The 2012 London Open Jiu Jitsu tournament took place at the Crystal Palace National Sports Centre, Ledrington Road, London, SE19 2BB. One of many European Jiu Jitsu tournaments hosted by the IBJJF, as it continues to grow its international presence and tour throughout the year.

02 September 2012

2012 Montreal IBJJF Tournament Results

As the IBJJF tournament expands its international presence in more nations around the world, its 2012 Montreal Jiu Jitsu Open marks another successful tournament to expand the reach of competitive Jiu Jitsu in the world. This year's event took place on Saturday, September 1st, 2012, in Montreal, Canada, at the Centre Pierre Charbonneau. See the Montreal Open tournament results below:

26 August 2012

2012 Boston Open IBJJF Results

American Top Team
Blue Belt, Katyanne Klitz
Female Pena, Blue Belt competitors brought the heat on Saturday morning, August 25th, at the 2012 Boston International Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Federation Open. Along with many other competitors, the hockey arena inside UMASS Boston was yet another successful IBJJF tournament jammed packed with high performing athletes.

With teams and competitors primarily from the Northeast region of the U.S., others trickled in from the West in California, and South regions from Atlanta, Miami, and New Orleans.

This is the second year IBJJF has traveled to the Boston area to bring together Jiu Jitsu competitors in this region.

25 July 2012

International Master & Senior Jiu-Jitsu Championship 2012

International Master & Senior Jiu-Jitsu Championship 2012 Competitor List

Click to see below:

Jiu Jitsu Rio Open 2012 - Competitor List

What better place to compete than Rio de Janeiro, Brazil? The picture perfect backdrop of mountains and beaches, coupled with Jiu Jitsu competition fever in the air, creates an atmosphere that Jiu Jitsu fights, lovers, and aficionados can all appreciate.

The excitement in Brazil begins tomorrow, Thursday, July 26th, 2012, and will continue on through Sunday, July 29th. The event will take place in Tijuca, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil; at the Tijuca Tenis Clube.(Tijuca Tênis Clube - Rua Conde de Bonfim, 451 - Tijuca, RJ - Brazil) 

You can also see the current brackets that are now posted at:

21 June 2012

Jiu Jitsu Pro League by IBJJF with $15,000 IBJJF - Compete for Money

Are you in it to win it? Jiu Jitsu Black Belts can now set their sights on a more lucrative competition scene with the IBJJF, as they FINALLY bring to us a competition with cash prizes for Black Belt competitors. No more long trips to Abu Dhabi or other lack-luster events with minimal cash prizes. We hope this will be the first of many. (With hopes of larger cash prizes in the future.)

The first IBJJ Pro League will take place in California at Cal State Long Beach on December 8th, 2012. Details on weight classes and competitors will be announced soon. Stay tuned for more updates! 

19 June 2012

Brown Belt - Adult Jiu Jitsu Competitor Rankings - 2012

The Jiu Jitsu Brown Belt Adult Divisions are the next breed of black belts that are being prepared for stardom. Below we have posted the top 20 Jiu Jitsu Brown Belts (Adult Division) for the 2012 competition season. Will any of these competitors see a black belt around their waist in the near future?

Click here to see the complete 2012 Brown Belt Jiu Jitsu Competitor Rankings.

1AdultMedium-HeavyFelipe Carsalade Araujo PenaGracie Barra1040
2AdultSuper-HeavyJoão Gabriel de Oliveira e S. RochaSoul Fighters BJJ780
3AdultUltra-HeavyOrlando Mario SanchezGracie Barra620
4AdultHeavyJurandir Vieira da ConceiçãoGodoi JJ Club600
5AdultMiddleBeneil DariushGracie Barra520
6AdultMiddleRenato Guimaraes CardosoCheckMat500
7AdultMedium-HeavyVictor Silverio SantosGF Team500
8AdultLight-FeatherRonaldo Cândido OliveiraAtos Jiu-Jitsu420
9AdultLight-FeatherThomas L Correa LisboaAlliance420
10AdultLightStephen Patrick MartinGracie Barra380
11AdultSuper-HeavyEliot Andrew KellyYemaso Brazilian Jiu Jitsu380
12AdultUltra-HeavyAbraham J. Marte MessinaYamasaki Academy Gothenburg360
13AdultLightAJ AgazarmGracie Barra320
14AdultMiddleDe'Alonzio Jerome JacksonTeam Lloyd Irvin320
15AdultHeavyHerico Hesley de Albuquerque PintoNova União320
16AdultFeatherVictor Figueiredo GenovesiAlliance300
17AdultSuper-HeavyAaron Michael JohnsonAlliance280
18AdultMedium-HeavyRoberto TorralbasTeam Lloyd Irvin280
19AdultHeavySteven J PattersonBrasa Warrior International280
20AdultLightTanner Wade RiceAlliance Los Angeles280

03 June 2012

Mundials Black Belt Finals - 2012 World Jiu Jitsu Championship Final Matches

Follow the Mundials Black Belt Finals, to see who will take the gold for the 2012 World Jiu Jitsu Championship.


Final do masculino: Marcus Buchecha x Leo Nogueira

Final do feminino: Gabi Garcia x Luiza Monteiro



Quarter Finals:
- Milton Carlos x Rafael Freitas
- Bruno Malfacine x João Carlos Hiroshi
- Felipe Costa x Koji Shibamoto
- Caio Terra x Brandon Mullins

- Rafael Freitas x Bruno Malfacine
- Felipe Costa x Caio Terra

Bruno Malfacine ia vencendo por 4x0 até finalizar Rafael Freitas com um estrangulamento pelas costas. Na outra semifinal, Caio Terra avançou após Felipe Costa abrir passagem, pois ele foi seu primeiro professor.

Final: Bruno Malfacine x Caio Terra

02 June 2012

Mundials Results - 2012 World Jiu Jitsu Championship

2012 Mundials World Jiu Jitsu Championship Results are being posted as they come in. There has been some serious talk this year about confusion on the rules changes, with matches ending with missing points, and disqualifications. One of Andre Galvao's purple belt students, who should have taken home the gold medal this year, lost his match to an illegal knee bar. There have been so many examples this year of confusion from all sides, referees, coaches, and competitors. We would recommended that IBJJF create a mandatory video for all to watch, showing illegal moves for each belt. We are hoping that this World Jiu Jitsu Championship will set a new standard in the quality of tournaments, and the referee training and understanding of the rules is more widely understood by all.

Stay tuned for Jiu Jitsu Black Belt finals results posted later today.

Below are the most recent results for this years Mundials, 2012 World Jiu Jitsu Championship results:

31 May 2012

Mundial World Jiu Jitsu Brackets & Schedule 2012

Let the fights begin! Today marked the first day of the 2012 Mundials, World Jiu Jitsu Tournament in California. With competitors coming in from all over the world, many divisions have upwards of 150 competitors within their bracket. So you can bet that you will see fierce Jiu Jitsu competition this year at Mundials.

The Mundial brackets are now available online. 

See below for the 2012 World Jiu Jitsu Mundials Schedule:

23 May 2012

Mundial Jiu Jitsu World's Championships 2012

2012 Jiu Jitsu World (Mundial) Championship Dates: May 31st - June 3rd
Registration Deadline: May 23rd

The time has come again, for Jiu Jitsu competitors from around the world to unite for one of the year's largest, most prestigious Jiu Jitsu events. This year's Jiu Jitsu World Championship puts the Mundial fighters in the center of Long Beach at California State University.

We are still more impressed with the turnout at the 2012 Pan Ams so far, beating the current number of registered fighters by far. The current list of registered Jiu Jitsu World Competitors is below. We will update the list as updates come in, and will post results during and after the tournament. Good luck to all competitors.

17 May 2012

2012 Long Beach Spring Jiu Jitsu Open Results

Congrats to all of the competitors that gave it their all out on the mats at the 2012 Long Beach Spring Jiu Jitsu Open. The results list is below. While there were competitors from various teams, the Jiu Jitsu schools that dominated in numbers, and in medals won this competition were: Gracie Barra with 291 total bjj academy points, Brazilian Top Team Long Beach with 127 total bjj academy points, and CheckMat with 91 total academy bjj points.

The turnout for the first year of the Long Beach Spring BJJ Open is a good sign that this tournament will be seen again next year.

11 May 2012

Long Beach Spring Open - New 2012 Jiu Jitsu Venue for IBJJF

Tomorrow will be IBJJF's first ever, Long Beach Spring Jiu Jitsu Open. Perhaps to accommodate for the swarms of Jiu Jitsu schools and students that are popping up in the state of California, especially after the impressive number of competitors that showed up to this year's 2012 Pan Am Jiu Jitsu Championship in Santa Ana, California.

The Long Beach Spring BJJ Open will take place on Saturday, May 12th, at the Long Beach Convention Center. We can wonder how many competitors will use this tournament as a warm-up for the 2012 Mundials coming up in just a few weeks, or whether this event serves more for those that are looking for smaller competition prior to the summer. We will take a look at the lists and see if there are any competitors doing both tournaments and report back to our readers. Are you competing in both the World Jiu Jitsu Tournament AND the Long Beach Spring Open?

25 April 2012

2012 NY Jiu Jitsu Open Results

This weekend's BJJ Open in New York brought competitors from across the country, and around the world, to compete in the 2nd NY City Jiu Jitsu Open. The tournament boasted a great turnout for its second year in the city, with many divisions doubling the number of Jiu Jitsu competitors in comparison to last year's event.

Below are the final NY Open Jiu Jitsu tournament results list:

20 April 2012

New York Jiu Jitsu Open Schedule 2012

The New York Jiu Jitsu Open will take place tomorrow in New York City. The schedule below has matches starting off at 9am with the Blue Adult Male divisions, from Rooster to Medium Heavy. Female divisions start in the afternoon, at around 12:45pm. White Belt divisions have the longest wait, with divisions starting later in the afternoon at 4:20pm.Black Senior and Master divisions start in the evening at around 7pm. More tournament info can also be found on the IBJJF NY Open page.

Below is the complete schedule for the 2012 BJJ NY Open. Remember, we will be adding results from competitors who place in this tournament to our 2012 competitor ranking list on our website @ www.worldofjiujitsu.com. Pan Ams results will also be added this weekend, so be sure to check out who is leading in your division.

17 April 2012

Jiu Jitsu New York Open 2012

We are looking for competitors to bring the heat at the NY Jiu Jitsu Open next weekend. Last year's NY Open was relatively small in comparison to other events, but it was the first year for IBJJF to venture into NYC for an Open. This year, the number of competitors is higher than the last, which only shows how much each event will grow in cities across the U.S. every year.

Next weekend's Jiu Jitsu tournament will be at the Nat Holman Gym at the New York City College.Tickets for spectators will be $15 at the door.

While your visiting New York be sure to try the New York pizza, and take a trip down to Time Square to enjoy some great sight-seeing if you have not yet been into the city before.

Below is the current competitor list for the 2012 BJJ NY Open...

05 April 2012

2012 Pan Ams Jiu Jitsu Results

The 2012 Pan Ams Jiu Jitsu Championships were amazing! With more than 3,200 Jiu Jitsu competitors, this year's BJJ Pan Ams set a record breaking event. The shear numbers of competitors, and spectators alone, can attest to the amazing growth we are seeing in Jiu Jitsu across the country, and around the World. Another that is for sure, is that the mats here in Irvine, California were filled with very skilled athletes that are looking to take home a piece of pride...in the form of GOLD. Saturday's black belt matches were the highlight of the weekend, with not an empty seat in the house the entire morning and afternoon.   

Alliance Jiu Jitsu was able to secure 86 team points to secure the overall Adult 1st place. In second was Checkmat Jiu Jitsu, with 63 points. And close behind, Gracie Barra Jiu Jitsu, with 58 points.As this weekends fighters go home with notes for improvements, and black belts see even more new and emerging games, we can expect the 2012 Jiu Jitsu World's Championship will bring it even fiercer than before.

Below is the results for the 2012 Pan Am Jiu Jitsu Championship:

02 April 2012

Jiu Jitsu Pan Ams Black Belt Finals - Female Division 2012

The 2012 Female Jiu Jitsu Black Belt Finals Pan Ams BJJ. See the complete list of final results to see who took the championship title.

American Top Team Head Jiu Jitsu Instructor - Bruno Maniaudet Bastos

Lyoto Machida with Head Jiu Jitsu Coach
Bruno Bastos (2nd from the left), Jonatas Gurgel,
Baga Ramos, Rafael Rabello
For those who have been training at least a few years and perhaps experimented with a few different classes or coaches, you know the importance of a good Jiu Jitsu coach. Finding the perfect Jiu Jitsu coach requires an athlete that is: skilled at competing, which includes understanding competition preparation mentally and physically, is skilled in all styles and techniques, and is skilled at demonstrating and teaching the details that truly matter in Jiu Jitsu technique. This is why American Top Team’s Headquarters location put Bruno Maniaudet Bastos as the head Jiu Jitsu instructor at the facility. The ATT HQ is located in Coconut Creek, Florida, and is home to the greatest names in Mixed Martial Arts, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Muy Thai, and Physical Training. Bruno Bastos has an impressive competition track record, which includes World Titles at many of the largest tournaments around the world. His style and technique is unique. And his personality is humble yet determined. In speaking with Bruno he told us, ‘In Brazil, I would compete at as a White Belt or Blue Belt at tournaments that were outside. Just mats on the beach, in the hot sun. The mats would burn your skin. But we didn’t care. Everyone that was there loves Jiu Jitsu, and loves to compete. It is beautiful’. 

Bruno works along side the best of the best, with Master Ricardo Liborio, Ailton Barbosa, Jonatas Tagarel Gurgel, Baga Ramos, Rafael Rebello, Big Foot Silva, Gleison Tibau, and many other top competitive athletes in the sport. 

29 March 2012

Jiu Jitsu Brown Belts 2011 Rankings - Top 10

Below is the Top 10 list of Brown Belt Jiu Jitsu Competitors for 2011.

Alliance holds 3 of these top 10 spots for 2011, while Lloyd Irvin and Check Mat Bjj each hold 2 of the top 10 Jiu Jitsu Brown Belts.

To see the complete list of 2011 Jiu Jitsu Brown Belt Rankings, click here.

1AdultMEDIUM HEAVYRoberto TorralbasLloyd Irvin M.A Academy960
2AdultSUPER HEAVYAlexander TransCheck Mat Bjj900
3AdultMIDDLEJames HarbisonLloyd Irvin M.A Academy620
4AdultMIDDLETravis SernaLovatos BJJ560
5AdultLIGHTBenjamin SalomonParagon540
6AdultMEDIUM HEAVYFrancisco IturraldeAlliance420
7AdultMEDIUM HEAVYYuri SimoesCheck Mat Bjj380
8AdultFEATHERJonathan ThomasAlliance360
9AdultFEATHERMichel LanghiAlliance360
10AdultSUPER HEAVYJames PuopoloRibeiro Jiu-Jitsu360

27 March 2012

Schedule Now Available - 2012 Pan Am Jiu Jitsu Tournament

The 2012 Pan Am Jiu Jitsu Championship has finally arrived! After weeks, and months, of focused training; it is time to put your skills to the test at this year's Jiu Jitsu Pan Ams in California. With competitors flying in from across the country, and all of the world, including Brazil, Portugal, France, Australia, and more...we can expect to see diversity of Jiu Jitsu skills on the mat.

Below is the 2012 Pan Am Jiu Jitsu tournament schedule. The first matches will begin this Thursday, at 9AM Pacific Standard Time, March 29th, 2012. Good luck to all competitors.

Pan Jiu-Jitsu Championship

Thursday - 29/Mar/2012
9:00 AMBlue Adult Male - Rooster to Feather
11:15 AMBlue Adult Male - Light and Middle
1:30 PMBlue Adult Male - Medium Heavy to Ultra Heavy
3:00 PMWhite Adult Male - Rooster and Light Feather
White Adult Female
4:00 PMWhite Adult Male - Feather and Light
5:00 PMWhite Adult Male - Middle to Ultra Heavy
White Master - Rooster to Light
6:10 PMWhite Master - Middle to Ultra Heavy
White Senior - Rooster to Heavy
6:40 PMWhite Senior - Super Heavy and Ultra Heavy
Blue Adult Male - Open Class

Blue belt adult athletes who are eligible to compete in Open Class must register before 5PM.

Friday - 30/Mar/2012
9:00 AMPurple Adult Male - Rooster to Feather
Purple Adult Female 
10:30 AMPurple Adult Male - Light and Middle
12:00 PMPurple Adult Male - Medium Heavy to Ultra Heavy
Blue Adult Female - Light Feather to Light
1:45 PMBlue Adult Female - Middle to Heavy
Blue Master Male - Rooster to Middle
2:45 PMBlue Master Male - Medium Heavy to Ultra Heavy
Blue Master Female - Light Feather to Light
3:40 PMBlue Master Female - Middle to Heavy
Blue Senior 1 - Rooster to Medium Heavy
4:30 PMBlue Senior 1 - Heavy to Ultra Heavy
Blue Senior 2 
Blue Senior 3 - Rooster to Middle
5:20 PMBlue Senior 3 - Medium Heavy to Ultra Heavy
Blue Senior 4 and 5
Purple Adult Male - Open Class
Purple Adult Female - Open Class
Blue Adult Female - Open Class
6:30 PMBlue Master Male Open Class
Blue Master Female - Open Class
Blue Senior 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 - Open Class
The following divisions must register to Open Class before 4PM:
Purple Adult Male
Purple Adult Female
Blue Adult Female
The following divisions must register to Open Class before 5PM:
Blue Master Male
Blue Master Female
The following divisions must register to Open Class before 6PM:
Blue Senior 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5
Saturday - 31/Mar/2012
9:00 AMPurple Master Male - Rooster to Middle
Purple Master Female
10:20 AMPurple Master Male - Medium Heavy to Ultra Heavy
Purple Senior 1 - Rooster to Middle
11:20 AMPurple Senior 1 - Medium Heavy to Ultra Heavy
Purple Senior 2
Purple Senior 3 - Rooster to Middle
12:10 PMPurple Senior 3 - Medium Heavy to Ultra Heavy
Purple Senior 4 and 5
Brown Master - Rooster to Light
12:45 PMBrown Master - Middle to Ultra Heavy
Brown Senior 1 
Black Adult Male - Open Class Registration
Black Adult Female - Open Class Registration
1:25 PMBrown Senior 2
Brown Senior 3
1:45 PMBlack Adult Male - End of Open Class Registration
Black Adult Female - End of Open Class Registration
2:00 PMBrown Senior 4 and 5
Blue Juvenile 1 Male
Blue Juvenile 2 Male
2:40 PMBlack Adult Male - Open Class
Black Adult Female - Open Class
Blue Juvenile 1 Female
Blue Juvenile 2 Female
White Juvenile 1 Male
White Juvenile 2 Male
White Juvenile 1 Female
White Juvenile 2 Female
Purple Juvenile
3:10 PMBlack Master Male
Black Master Female
4:10 PMBlack Senior 1
Black Senior 2 - Rooster to Light
5:00 PMBlack Senior 2 - Middle to Ultra Heavy
Black Senior 3, 4 and 5
5:45 PMPurple Master Male - Open Class
Purple Senior 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 - Open Class
Purple Master Female - Open Class
Brown Master - Open Class
Brown Senior 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 - Open Class
7:00 PMBlack Master Male - Open Class
Black Master Female - Open Class
Black Senior 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 - Open Class
Blue Juvenile 1 and 2 Male - Open Class
Blue Juvenile 1 and 2 Female - Open Class
Purple Juvenile - Open Class

The following divisions must register to Open Class before 4PM:
Purple Master Male
Purple Senior 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 
Purple Master Female 
Brown Master
Brown Senior 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5
The following divisions must register to Open Class before 6PM:
Black Master Male
Black Master Female
Black Senior 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5
Blue Juvenile 1 and 2 Male 
Blue Juvenile 1 and 2 Female
Purple Juvenile

Sunday - 01/Abr/2012
9:00 AMBrown Adult Male - Rooster to Feather
Black Adult Male - Rooster to Feather
10:35 AMBrown Adult Male - Light
Brown Adult Female
Black Adult Male - Light and Middle
12:35 PMBrown Adult Male - Middle
Black Adult Male - Medium Heavy to Super Heavy
2:00 PMBrown Adult Male Medium Heavy to Ultra Heavy
Black Adult Male - Ultra Heavy
Black Adult Female
3:45 PMBrown Adult Female - Open Class
Black Belt Finals
Brown Adult Male - Open Class
All Brown belt adult athletes who are eligible to compete in Open Class must register before 3:30PM.

22 March 2012

Pan Am Jiu Jitsu California 2012

Will this year's Pan Am Jiu Jitsu Championship be larger than last years? With about 2,500+ competitors currently on the list, the numbers are rounding out to be about the same as 2011's Pan Ams. Maybe more competitors are saving their wind for the World/Mundials Championship in May. Still, the numbers alone speak for themselves that Jiu Jitsu is here to stay. And it will only continue to grow. What is our goal? World Wide Jiu Jitsu domination. Are you game?? Visit our Facebook page and tell us what you love most about Jiu Jitsu.  www.facebook.com/WorldofJiuJitsu

See below for the current competitor list below to see which Pan Am Jiu Jitsu weight class and divisions will be the largest in numbers.

09 March 2012

Jiu Jitsu World Trials offer Sweet Cash Prizes for Winners

Weigh-ins for the 2012 San Diego World Professional Jiu Jitsu Championship Trials will take place this evening, between 5pm-8pm PST. And yes, this tournament offers CASH prizes. And select divisions will receive travel package to travel to the WBJJC event in Abu Dhabi in April 2012.

The San Diego Pro Trials are open to any athlete that wants to compete, and there are divisions for all ages and ranks. These events began in 2009 by the Sheik of Abu Dhabi to create the first World Professional Jiu Jitsu Tournament of its kind. Offering prizes for athletes that are unparalleled to others.

The World Trials consist of 26 qualifying events being held in 21 different countries around the globe. It will all boil down to the main championship event in Abu Dhabi which will bring together the best athletes in the world.

This year's World Professional Jiu-Jitsu Championship will take place on April 13, 14 and 15 in Abu Dhabi, UAE. Stayed tuned to the World of Jiu Jitsu for updates on results. We will also post the link for you to watch the events live online.

05 March 2012

Jiu Jitsu Competitors heat things up at the 2012 Chicago Winter Open - See Tournament Results....

Congrats to Brasa Warrior International, who took first place team  results at the 2012 Chicago Winter Open. In second place this past weekend, Carlson Gracie Team scored a number of medals. And in third place, Gracie Barra landed several great placements in this weekend's beautiful display of Jiu Jitsu. As we have said before, this year's tournaments have been nothing short of amazing, with record breaking numbers of competitors showing up. And they are not just showing up for a light roll on the mat. These Jiu Jitsu fighters are all looking to take home gold.

Congratulations to all of the competitors at this weekend's Chicago Winter Open. Below are the tournament results:

02 March 2012

Chicago Winter Open - 2012 Schedule

The schedule is up for tomorrow's Chicago Winter Open. The first division will kick off the tournament at 9am, with the Blue Belt Adult males, Rooster weight to Medium Heavy. This year's Chicago Winter Open is expected to bring some great matches, with registration closing more than 2 weeks before the expected registration deadline for the tournament.

See the schedule below. Do not forget to check back after the tournament to see updated Jiu Jitsu competitor rankings on the WorldofJiuJitsu.com.

26 February 2012

Take a peak at the 2012 San Francisco Open Results...

What an amazing day we had out here in San Francisco, California, at the very first San Francisco International Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Open. The competition came out ready to compete, as the mats lit up yet again this year for the 2012 IBJJF tournament season. Jiu Jitsu competitors from white belt to black belt showed that this year's level is being picked up a notch. Way to go to all of the fighters that got on the mat today.

Below is the results list for the 2012 San Francisco IBJJF Jiu Jitsu Open...

20 February 2012

New International Jiu Jitsu Open Tournament City - San Francisco, California

Upcoming San Francisco Open will be a first for the bay area, with the IBJJF group expanding to yet another Californian city this year. Though turn out seems small this year, there is no doubt that this Jiu Jitsu hot spot will heat up with bigger numbers next year. Some divisions have a healthy sized brackets, while others have zilch.

The tournament will take place at Merritt College in Oakland. The San Francisco Open will be a one day tournament this year, taking place on Sunday, February 26th.

View Larger Map

2012 Pan Kids Jiu Jitsu Results

Congratulations to all of the mini-warriors at this past weekends Kids Pan Ams BJJ Competition in California. 

What a wonderful display of talent from these little guys and gals! This is the future of Jiu Jitsu, and the future is look very bright. Jiu Jitsu is an amazing sport for kids, and the competitors from this past weekend showed true courage and spirit. Way to go guys...
Below is the result list for the 2012 Kids Pan Ams.

19 February 2012

Jiu Jitsu Competitors - Where did you rank in 2011?



The 2011 Jiu Jitsu Competition season was fierce. Now it's time to see where you stacked up against the competition in the overall 2011 IBJJF competition season, and see who you should be looking out for in 2012. Rankings for 2011 are available now available for blue, purple, brown, and black belts. For blue through brown, rankings are available for Adult, Master, and Female divisions. For black belts, rankings are available for Adult, Masters, Female, and Senior divisions.

*Due to the inaccuracy of the spelling of competitor names, there may be instances where your points do not get combined in your total score. If you feel as though there is a mistake with your points, please address the issue to us via email to: rankings@worldofjiujitsu.com.

Visit WorldofJiuJitsu.com to check your 2011 Jiu Jitsu competition rank


Jiu Jitsu season heating up - Chicago Winter Open registration closes early

Reaching full capacity more than a week before the registration deadline on February 24th, the 2012 Chicago Winter Open has already reached full capacity. Registration is closed, and many competitors were caught off guard thinking they had additional time to register for the competition. All BJJ Fighters should keep this in mind for the next competition you have set your sights on. Be sure to register early, because competitor spots will be filling up quickly at this year's competitions.

This year's Chicago Winter open will take place at Chicago State University. It is scheduled for one day, on Saturday, March 23rd. With this year's turnout, there is a good chance that next year's event will become a two day event to open up more space for other competitors.

All and all, we wish all of the Chicago Winter Open Jiu Jitsu competitors the best of luck.

Below is the current list of competitors:

13 February 2012

Houston Open IBJJF Results - February 2012

Congratulations to the finalists who placed in the 2012 Houston IBJJF Open. Below is the list of results from this past weekend’s tournament that took place in Houston, Texas.

Overall Team Results:
1- Gracie Barra - 27 pts
2- Team Tooke - 9 pts
3- Brazil 021 - 6 pts

Juvenile, Adult, Master and Senior:
1- Gracie Barra - 286 pts
2- Lovato BJJ - 106 pts
3- BJJ Revolution Team - 94 pts

06 February 2012

Houston Open BJJ Competitors - Start the year off right...

Houston, we do not have a problem. With the number of competitors showing up this year, there is no doubt that you will have the most competitive year yet. There are currently over 600 competitors registered for next weekends Houston IBJJF Open out in Texas.

The tournament will be held at the Jerabeck Activity and Athletic Center at the University of Saint Thomas.

Below is the most up-to-date competitor list. Brackets will be posted later on in the middle of this week.

After competing, be sure to stay track of your 2012 ranking @ the WorldofJiuJIitsu.com.

04 February 2012

Jiu Jitsu Rankings – Competitors IBJJF 2011

We have the 2011 Jiu Jitsu Rankings for the 2011 IBJJF competition season for all black belt divisions.

Jiu Jitsu rankings are determined by the following points system:
1st Place = 100 points
2nd Place = 80 points
3rd Place = 60 points
1st* = Half Points
Placement in Pan Ams and Worlds Championships receive double points.

02 February 2012

Will Roger Gracie’s Jiu Jitsu fighting style inhibit his MMA career?

So have you heard that Roger Gracie is looking to change up his competition game? Quoted by Gracie Magazine at the 2012 European Championship in Lisbon, Portugal, “I’m changing my game. For my whole career as a black belt I got used to starting out slow and calm in my matches. I never felt the need to go all out against my opponents during the first two minutes, since a match lasts ten. I always started out slow and brought up the rhythm progressively, hitting max intensity towards the end. However, ever since losing in MMA [to Muhammed “King Mo” Lawal by knockout at Strikeforce in September 2011] it dawned on me; if I don’t change my way of fighting, I’ll lose again.”

It seems obvious to agree with this Gracie prodigy, that being a very calm Jiu Jitsu fighter is counterproductive to the style needed for MMA fights. Roger will now put more focus on his MMA career, where despite his recent lose, will offer him more competition. In the end, Roger Gracie had said he did not sign up for the European Open because he is looking to compete in only one Jiu Jitsu tournament this year, which will most likely be the Worlds in California

31 January 2012

Mounting to Victory - Rodolfo Vieira VS Bernardo Faria - Euro Open 2012

The Adult Black Belt Open Final with Rodolfo Vieira vs Bernardo Faria, gave Vieira yet another chance to show his overall dominance in the Jiu Jitsu world. But there was no surprise to us here at World of Jiu Jitsu, with Vieira ranked #1 overall in 2011, and Faria ranked #2. Visit WorldofJiuJitsu.com to see a complete list of black belt competitors rankings. Now, watch the final video above! (Vieira VS Faria, European BJJ Open, Black Belt Open Class Final)

27 January 2012

Lisbon Jiu Jitsu competitors lit the mats on fire at the 2012 European Open

The competition is fierce in Lisbon, Portugal, where Jiu Jitsu fanatics from all over the world have gathered to display their skills on the mat. Tomorrow the black belt division finals will begin...who will reign as champion??
Lisbon, European Jiu Jitsu Open, 2012

Below are the tournament results so far...


Academy results:

Adult:1- Gracie Barra - 71 pts
2- Checkmat BJJ - 62 pts
3- Alliance - 44 pts

Female:1- Checkmat BJJ - 64 pts
2- Lloyd Irvin M.A Academy - 28 pts
3- Alliance - 22 pts

Novice: 1- Icon JJ Team - 68 pts
2- Gracie Barra - 45 pts
3- Checkmat BJJ - 33 pts

Master and Senior:1- Icon JJ Team - 164 pts
2- Gracie Barra - 141 pts
3- Checkmat BJJ - 123 pts

Juvenile:1- Rio Grappling Club - 42 pts
2- Gracie Barra - 36 pts
3- Renzo Gracie - 36 pts

 Division results below...

25 January 2012

European Jiu Jitsu Madness begins...tomorrow!

Calling all European Open Jiu Jitsu competitors. The brackets are up, and the pressure is on! Check the brackets online now to see how your division will be matched up for the first bout.

Matches begin tomorrow, January 26th, and will go through Sunday, January 29th.

See the detailed competition schedule below:

Grappler's Quest Florida 2012 Results - Coral Springs

This first Grappler's Quest of the year kicked off a great start to the 2012 Jiu Jitsu tournament year down at the Coral Springs Gymnasium in Florida. There was an impressive showing of competitors. And this may give us some insight onto how things will most likely be at all tournaments this year. The day boasted just shy of 500 registered competitors. Grappler's Quest competitions hold both Gi and NoGi divisions, with Kids, Women's, and Men's grappling and BJJ Gi divisions.

The 2012 Grappler's Quest Florida State Championship results are now available. See below for the complete list:

22 January 2012

European Open kicking off the Jiu Jitsu season in HUGE proportions

The 2012 European Open will be kicking off the Jiu Jitsu tournament year with big numbers. Registration for the tournament ended this past Friday night, and the current competitor list contains over 2,000 registered competitors. (Check out our 2011 Black Belt Competitor rankings to see who to watch this year.)

The tournament will be aired via Sensei Sport TV, one of Brazil's largest sports channels in the country. You will most likely notice a change in the tournament experience, as this will be the first time the new IBJJF rule book will go into affect at an event this year. It is also going to be an amazing experience to see how the sport of Jiu Jitsu has grown in Europe. The size of this year's tournament speaks for itself. Stay tuned to World of Jiu Jitsu for tournament updates.

13 January 2012

Santa Cruz, California - All Star BJJ Tournament

Santa Cruz, California
When: Sunday, Janaury 22, 2012
Registration Deadline: Monday, January 16th, 2012

Start the year off with your first Jiu Jitsu competition of the year in Santa Cruz, California.

'The ALL STAR #1 BRAZILIAN JIU-JITSU TOURNAMENT will take place Sunday January 22nd, 2012 at the Santa Cruz Civic Auditorium in Santa Cruz, CA. The All Star is brought to you by the promoters of the U.S. Open and American Cup Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu tournament. All schools are welcome to participate in this highly lauded and exciting new tournament. The All Star was created by the popular demand of people that love to compete in the beautiful city of Santa Cruz for more than 15 years. It will take place in Northern California in the beautiful city of Santa Cruz, approximately 30 miles south of San Jose. All belt levels in the Junior, Adult, Master, and Senior age categories are welcome to compete. Sorry, but there will be no kids divisions at this tournament.'

02 January 2012

IBJJF releases a NEW Jiu Jitsu Tournament Rule Book

If you have competed, then you have been through it before. Some referees seem to create their own rules during your match, and coaches and fighters alike seem to have their own interpretations as well.  And each and every Brazilian Jiu Jitsu professional seeks to clear up misconceptions and confusing rules, so that the sport will become standardized and more widely accepted as a worthwhile competition sport.

IBJJF's new 'Rule Book' offers an updated competition guideline, with illustrations to make it easier to understand various rules. It is hoped that this guideline can also be used at other Jiu Jitsu tournaments that are looking to conform to standardized Jiu Jitsu competition rules as well.

If you will be competing in 2011, be sure to read through the rules, as their are some changes to the rules from last years.

Let's do this, Lisbon! 2012 European Open Jiu Jitsu Tournament

Start off 2012 with a fresh start, and prepare yourself for your best Jiu Jitsu tournament year ever. The first IBJJF tournament of the year will be in Lisbon, Portugal, at the 2012 European Open. Have YOU registered yet?

If not, visit IBJJF to register now for the 2012 European Open.. Registration closes on January 18th, 2012. (01/18/2012-REGISTRATION HAS NOW CLOSED)

Click here to see the posted brackets for all divisions, and the tournament schedule for the week.

See below to see the most up-to-date competitor list for all divisions....