31 January 2013

IBJJF European Open Results - 2013

The stands were packed for this year's European Open in Lisbon, Portugal. Jiu Jitsu competitors from all over the world came out to watch some of the top competitors step on the mat. Below are the 2013 IBJJF Euro Open results, with up and coming future black belt champions from many different gyms. Still, Alliance took the lead for Male Adult wins, second for Female Adult, and second for Master and Senior. Gracie Barra took an impressive leap with Juvenile Jiu Jitsu competitors, and placed third for Adult Male competitors.

See below for a complete list of the tournament results:

15 January 2013

Houston Jiu Jitsu Open 2013 @ Jerabeck Athletic Center

The 2013 Houston Jiu Jistu Open will be held at the Jerabeck Athletic Center in Houston, Texas. The event will take place mid-January, and will be one of many Jiu Jistu Opens that will be held by the IBJJF across the country and around the world.

DATE: February 16th and 17th 2013
ADDRESS: Jerabeck Activity and Athletic Center 3800
Montrose Boulevard Houston TX, 77006


PRICES:        $95.00 by 21/Jan/2013        OR    $115.00 by 8/Feb/2013

Athletes affiliation and Academy registration deadline: 1/Feb/2013 All Juvenile, brown and black belt athletes must be properly affiliated for the current year. All academies must be registered in order for its students to register in the competition. All the documentation must be sent properly filled and signed as instructed on the e-mail received when soliciting your affiliation online. Juveniles, Brown and Black belts with pending and/or incorrect documentation won't be able to register for the tournament, as they need to have their request approved first. For information about how to become a member or renew your membership please access:http://www.ibjjf.org/member.htm For more information on how to register your academy please access: http://www.ibjjf.org/school.htm

06 January 2013

Victor Silverio at BJJ Kumite

victor silverio bjj kumite
Victor Silverio
We are sure you have already heard...but if you haven't, you will want to keep your eyes out for BJJ Kumite. This event will bring in competitors from all over the world, including Victor Silverio. This event is an invite only, submission only, competition. AND, it is for Jiu Jitsu Brown Belts only. This will be a great spectacle to see up and coming Black Belt competitors in the IBJJF tournaments.

03 January 2013

2013 Euro Open Jiu Jitsu Championship

The 2013 European Jiu Jitsu Open will be held on: January 24, 25, 26 and 27

This year's European event will take place at the Complexo Municipal Esportivo do Casal Vistoso, Rua João Silva, in Lisbon, Portugal. This year's European Open is expected to bring in record breaking numbers compared to last years, with heavy competition in the Blue, Purple, Brown, and Black belt divisions.




$110.00 by 14/Dec/2012 (equivalent to 86 euros)
$130.00 by 16/Jan/2013 (equivalent to 102 euros)

Below is the list of the registered competitors: 

01 January 2013

FREE Kid's Jiu Jitsu GI at American Top Team Fort Lauderdale - March ONLY

There are so many benefits to putting your kids in jiu jitsu, mixed martial arts, or kickboxing. This special offer for new students at the Fort Lauderdale American Top Team is going on now. Parents can take advantage of this offer by signing up on the FTL American Top Team Facebook page.

ATT FTL is located at:
201 sw 7th Ave, Fort Lauderdale, Florida