02 February 2014

Rodolfo Vieira vs Leandro Lo - Match 2 COPA PODIO FINALS 2014

Rodolfo Vieira vs Leandro Lo - Match 2

Watch Rodolfo Vieira as he takes on Leandro Lo for a nail biting Jiu Jitsu Black Belt match, straight from the 2014 Copa Podio Finals in Brazil.

30 January 2014

Armbar Submission - Terere - European Open BJJ Championship 2014

Terere - European Open Jiu Jitsu Championship 2014

Watch this Terere armbar submission at the 2014 European Open BJJ. The submission comes quickly within less than 5 minutes of the black belt match! Share this post or Comment if you like this submission. 

The Rise of Cicero Costha - Training Top Competitors

Cicero Costha: Train So You Won't Be Afraid Of Anyone  (From BJJ Hacks TV Episode 1.2)

The Rise of Cicero Costha - Training Top Competitors

BJJ Hacks took a trip to Sao Paola, Brazil to find out more about Cicero Costha, and how he continues to produces some of the most elite Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Champions. Costha talks briefly about how he started off with just a few students, began competing and winning titles at International competitions, and his gym slowly began to grow. He speaks of training for competition, and encourages his competitive students to train like they are competing, making competition seem like everyday training. His students speak of the intense schedule of drilling, sometimes 1,000 repetitions per day. Costha love for competition has fueled his ideas and way of life inside his gym. The lifestyle and mentality he has put on his students is most certainly a factor to his success, and for the success of this Brazilian Jiu Jitsu students.

27 January 2014

2014 European Open IBJJF FINAL RESULTS

European Open Jiu-Jitsu Championship 2014 

 Final Results 

Academies Results

 Adult Male
1 - Alliance - 86
2 - CheckMat - 44
3 - Brasa Caio Terra - 43

 Adult Female
1 - Alliance - 56
2 - CheckMat - 47
3 - Roger Gracie Academy - 24

1 - Gracie Barra - 41
2 - Soul Fighters BJJ - 18
3 - Renzo Gracie Israel - 15

1 - Gracie Barra - 234
2 - Alliance - 182
3 - CheckMat - 153

1 - Icon Jiu-Jitsu Team - 54
2 - CheckMat - 39
3 - Roger Gracie Academy - 31

IBJJF Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Rules

IBJJF Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Rules



Authority of Referee

The referee is the highest authority in a match.

The referee ruling on the result of each match is incontestable.

The ruling on the result of a match may only be changed under the following circumstances:

If the score on the board has been misread;

If the athlete declared winner submitted his/her opponent using an

26 January 2014

IBJJF European Open Results - Partial Results (1.26.2014)

Last Update: 01/26/2014 16:20 (UTC) Dublin, Edinburgh, Lisbon, London

European Open Jiu-Jitsu Championship 2014 Partial Results

 Current Academy Results:

 Adult Male
 1 - Alliance - 68
 2 - Nova UniĆ£o - 39
 3 - Brasa Caio Terra - 28

 Adult Female
1 - CheckMat - 37
 2 - Alliance - 37
 3 - Roger Gracie Academy - 24

 Athletes Results By Category (See below:)

Split Decision on Henderson vs Thomson - Fight Highlights from FOX 10

Ben Henderson came out confidently in hopes to defeat Josh Thomson at last night’s (Sat., Jan. 25, 2014) UFC on Fox 10: "Henderson vs. Thomson" event at the United Center in Chicago, Illinois, in hopes to once again face off with Lightweight Champ Anthony Pettis when he has regained his health.

“Bendo” was awarded the victory by split decision, but there are many who feel there is some dispute as to the final decision of this match. Even with a possible broken hand, Thompson seemed to dominate and continue with takedowns and back control during several rounds of the fight. The controversy stand as to where Henderson’s offensive game came into play during the fight, yet he still walked away with the victory. What do you think? Is this a hands down Henderson fight?

See the highlights below from FOX 10.


Submission Only Greensboro Tournament - 2.1.2014


Submission Only Greensboro

Our first event of 2014 will be a Submission Only event in Greensboro, NC on February 1, 2014. This Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Submission Grappling tournament will take place at the Simkins Sports Pavilion at Barber Park.

Adult divisions (Men, 30+ Men, and Women) are Submission Only with NO points, NO time limits. Juvenile matches will have points and time limits.

All pre-registered competitors will receive a free t-shirt.

Competitors who do not pre-register online by Thursday, January 30 can register at the Simkins Sports Pavilion on Friday, January 31, 2014 from 6-7 PM or on Saturday morning, February 1, 2014 starting at 8 AM. Cash or credit cards accepted.

25 January 2014

Leandro Lo: My Passes, My Guard, My Game (Miyao Bro & Cicero Costha)

Leandro Lo: My Passes, My Guard, My Game
'I usually start with the heavier guys...' - says Leandro Lo.   'You do one hour of drilling, and one hour of rolling...I only like to train hard. I don't like to spar light.'

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