16 December 2011

Copa Pódio Jiu Jitsu 2011

2011 Copa Podia Fighters
Just because you are not in Brazil does not mean you should not follow what the Jiu Jitsu fanatics are doing over there. And following MMA just won’t cut it. So, if you haven’t heard about the Copa Pódio Jiu Jitsu tournament happening tomorrow, now would be a good time to catch up and begin to follow.

This will not be your typical single elimination Jiu Jitsu tournament style. There are 2 groups, the yellow group, and the green group. Each of the lightweight black belt competitors in the Copa Pódio will have at least 4 fights, taking on each of their opponents within their group. The top two fighters with the most points in each group will move onto the semi-finals.

Scoring during Group Rounds:
Each match in the first 5 rounds will be six minutes long. A competitor will take 3 points for a win.
Today, the promoters released the table fans can use to count each competitor’s score as they go.
The criteria for a tie-breaker, in order, are the following: 1) the result of the match directly between the two tied athletes, 2) number of finishes, 3) point tally over all matches (points for minus points against), and 4) lastly, advantage point tally (advantages for minus advantages against).

Semifinals & Finals:
Moving onto the semifinals and final matches….These fights will be 10 minutes. Point will NOT be counted during the first five minutes. After five minutes of the match, points scoring will begin. Advantage points will not count for sudden death, only full points.

Take a look at the Copa Pódio lineup below:

1st Round
Green -  Denilson Pimenta  VS  Ed Ramos
Green – Leandro Lo  VS  Moacir Mendes Jr.
Yellow – Bob Esponja  VS Vinicius Marinho
Yellow -  Eduardo Pessoa  VS Leonardo Cascao

2nd Round
Green – Leandro Lo  VS  JT  Torres
Green – Moacir Mendes Jr.  VS  Ed Ramos
Yellow -  Eduardo Pessoa  VS  Caloquinha
Yellow – Vinicius Marinho  VS  Leonardo Cascao

3rd Round
Green – Moacir Mendes Jr.  VS  Denilson Pimenta
Green – Ed Ramos  VS  JT Torres
Yellow – Leonardo Cascao  VS Bob Esponja
Yellow – Vinicius Marinho  VS  Caloquinha

4th Round
Green – Ed Ramos  VS  Leandro Lo
Green -  JT Torres  VS  Denilson Pimenta
Yellow – Vinicius Marinho  VS  Eduardo Pessoa
Yellow -  Caloquinha  VS  Bob Esponja

5th Round
Green – JT Torres  VS  Moacir Mendes Jr.
Green – Denilson Pimenta  VS  Leandro Lo
Yellow – Caolquinha  VS  Leonardo Cascao
Yellow – Bob Esponja  VS  Eduardo Pessoa

First Fight -  1st Place Green Group  VS  2nd Place Yellow Group
Second Fight – 1st Place Yellow Group  VS  2nd Place Green Group

3rd Place Match – Loser of First Fight VS Loser of Second Fight
FINAL – Winner of First Fight VS Winner of Second Fight

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