02 January 2012

IBJJF releases a NEW Jiu Jitsu Tournament Rule Book

If you have competed, then you have been through it before. Some referees seem to create their own rules during your match, and coaches and fighters alike seem to have their own interpretations as well.  And each and every Brazilian Jiu Jitsu professional seeks to clear up misconceptions and confusing rules, so that the sport will become standardized and more widely accepted as a worthwhile competition sport.

IBJJF's new 'Rule Book' offers an updated competition guideline, with illustrations to make it easier to understand various rules. It is hoped that this guideline can also be used at other Jiu Jitsu tournaments that are looking to conform to standardized Jiu Jitsu competition rules as well.

If you will be competing in 2011, be sure to read through the rules, as their are some changes to the rules from last years.

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