20 April 2012

New York Jiu Jitsu Open Schedule 2012

The New York Jiu Jitsu Open will take place tomorrow in New York City. The schedule below has matches starting off at 9am with the Blue Adult Male divisions, from Rooster to Medium Heavy. Female divisions start in the afternoon, at around 12:45pm. White Belt divisions have the longest wait, with divisions starting later in the afternoon at 4:20pm.Black Senior and Master divisions start in the evening at around 7pm. More tournament info can also be found on the IBJJF NY Open page.

Below is the complete schedule for the 2012 BJJ NY Open. Remember, we will be adding results from competitors who place in this tournament to our 2012 competitor ranking list on our website @ www.worldofjiujitsu.com. Pan Ams results will also be added this weekend, so be sure to check out who is leading in your division.

NY Open Jiu-Jitsu Championship
9:00 AMBlue Adult Male - Rooster to Medium Heavy
10:40 AMBlue Adult Male - Heavy to Ultra Heavy
Purple Adult Male
12:00 PMBlack Adult Male
Brown Adult Male - Rooster to Light
12:45 PMBrown Adult Male - Middle to Ultra Heavy
Blue Adult Female
Purple Adult Female
1:30 PMBlue Juvenile Male
Blue Juvenile Female
Blue Master
2:15 PMBlue Senior
Black Adult - Open Class Registration 
2:45 PMPurple Master
Purple Senior 1
Black Adult - End of Open Class Registration 
3:25 PMPurple Senior 2, 3, 4 and 5
Brown Master
Black Adult - Open Class
3:50 PMBrown Senior
Black Master
Black Senior
4:20 PMWhite Adult Male
White Juvenile
5:10 PMWhite Female
White Master
White Senior
5:50 PMBlue Adult Male Open Class
Blue Adult Female - Open Class
Purple Adult Male - Open Class
Purple Female - Open Class
Brown Adult Male - Open Class
Blue Juvenile Male - Open Class
Blue Juvenile Female - Open Class
Blue Master - Open Class
7:00 PMBlue Senior - Open Class
Purple Master - Open Class
Purple Senior - Open Class
Brown Master - Open Class
Brown Senior  - Open Class
Black Master - Open Class
Black Senior  - Open Class
The following divisions must register to Open Class before 4PM:
Blue Juvenile
Blue Adult Male
Blue Adult Female
Blue Master
Blue Senior
Purple Adult Male
Purple Adult Female
Brown Adult Male
The following divisions must register to Open Class before 5PM:
Purple Master
Purple Senior
Brown Master
Brown Senior
Black Master
Black Senior

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