30 November 2012

2012 Jiu Jitsu Black Belt Competitor Rankings are here!

From the Pan Ams, to the Mundials World Jiu Jitsu Competition, this year’s black belts have been taking on the 2012 Jiu Jitsu competition season with no fear and with no mercy for their opponents. And if you were lucky enough to catch this year’s Mundial Finals, you would understand exactly what we are talking about. Of course, Black Belt Jiu Jitsu finals at Worlds are always intense, but this year competition was so fierce that many of the matches ended with a dead even score, or with a victory being pulled out at the last remaining second of the match. Truly nail-biting stuff happening here!

With the results in for the majority of the 2012 season, we are posting our updated 2012 Jiu Jitsu Black Belt Competitor Rankings. This includes all IBJJF tournaments thus far, including the BJJ Pan American Championship, as well as the Mundials World Championships, both taking place in Southern California. The remaining competitor points were earned at IBJJF Opens so far this year. So if you are not happy with your rank and want to boost it up a bit more, check out the remaining opportunities you have for this year to put your score higher on this year’s rankings.

Click here to see 2012 Black Belt Jiu Jitsu Competitor Rankings

Top 5 - Jiu Jitsu - Adult Black Belt Competitors - 2012

1AdultSuper-HeavyBernardo Augusto Rocha de FariaAlliance860
2AdultUltra-HeavyMarcus Vinícius Oliveira de AlmeidaCheckMat760
3AdultSuper-HeavyAntônio Carlos de F. Barbosa JúniorCheckMat620
4AdultMiddleOtavio Ferreira de SousaGracie Barra600
5AdultLightLeandro Pereira do NascimentoPSLPB Cicero Costha500

Top 5 - Jiu Jitsu - Master Black Belt Competitors - 2012
1MasterUltra-HeavyRodrigo Leite de MedeirosBrasa Warrior International480
2MasterHeavyFlavio Alves de AlmeidaGracie Barra400
3MasterLightTheodoro Gabriel Canal AlmeidaGF Team400
4MasterMedium-HvyAlexandre Ferreira SantosGracie Barra America380
5MasterHeavyFabio Leopoldo e Silva NetoGracie Elite Team320

Top 5 - Jiu Jitsu - Female Black Belt Competitors - 2012
1FemaleHeavy           Gabrielle Lemos GarciaAlliance        800
2FemaleMiddleLuanna Alzuguir Marton MoraesAlliance680
3FemaleLightLuiza Monteiro Moura da CostaPSLPB Cicero Costha       540
4FemaleLightBeatriz de Oliveira MesquitaGracie Humaita520
5FemaleMiddleVanessa Oliveira do NascimentoGF Team440

Top 5 - Jiu Jitsu - Senior Black Belt Competitors - 2012 
1SeniorMedium-HvyCarlos Alberto Terrinha              Gracie Barra                      600
2SeniorSuper-HvyRoberto GodoiGodoi JJ Club520
3SeniorHeavyRhodisley Wilson Rosa JuniorNova União520
4SeniorHeavyCharles Faria CorreaGodoi JJ Club400
5SeniorSuper-HvyJames Richard BoranBoran Jiu-Jitsu400

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