11 May 2013

Pan Kids Jiu Jitsu Weight Classes 2013

ibjjf pan kids weight classes and divisions
The above chart shows the 2013 IBJJF Pan Kids BJJ Weight Classes, and includes kids jiu jitsu weight classes for Might-Mite, Pee-Wee, Junior, and Teen divisions. There are different weight requirements depending upon the type of gi the child or teen wears to compete and weigh-in. A light weight gi, or summer kimono, and a single weave gi (which is slightly heavier than a summer gi).


  1. Very disorganized. Waited 3 hours past the scheduled check-in time.

    At the medal station I saw that a parent was unable to pick up a medal for his son who had to go to the hospital. I thought that was silly.

    I saw another parent arguing because a child had to fight again because the officials could not find their fight in the system although the parent had a video recording of the fight. The reps still wanted the kids to fight again for 1st place. Possibly this happened because it was political due to the names of the schools and the officials were giving the loser another chance to win 1st?

    I do not recommend going to this even though last year was on time. This competition just seems to be going downhill. Don’t waste your valuable time with a confused staff.

    I would suggest a efficient-techno-savy and timely tournament that I recently went to called 2013 All Americas GI and NO GI Tournament by North American BJJ Federation. It was a 2 day competition. On both days the scheduled division ran on time with some great and challenging competitors.

    Definitely check off Pan Kids off your list for next year and instead add the NABJJF All Americas for next year because you won’t be disappointed if you are a parent or competitor.

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