02 June 2014

Michelle Nicolini Breaks Tammi Musumeci’s Arm At World BJJ Championships

If you were watching the 2014 World Jiu Jitsu tournament this past weekend, you will have witnessed some amazing, and epic Jiu Jitsu matches. Some will go into the records and be talked about for years past their 10 minutes of fight time. But the match we are most focused on right now is that of the Black Belt Female Feather division between Tammi Musumeci and Michelle Nicolini. Many of you that witnessed it live have already cringed at the sight of what appears to be a nasty arm break, as Nicolini locks in a tight arm bar on Musumeci. The arm lock attempt comes in at the last minute of this 10 minute match, while Musumeci is already winning the match by 2 points, and just moments away from celebrating her first world title as a black belt.

Though it appears Nicolini has broken Musumeci's arm, Musumeci continues fighting, escaping the arm lock (or Michelle letting go after having a useless and limp arm in her possession) -- regardless, the fight continues on for the final 45 seconds, but the limp arm stunts the remainder of Musumeci's fight and allows Nicolini to score to surpass Musumeci's lead. An amazing and exciting fight, with a tremendous and unforgettable ending. An impressive display of heart by both fighters.

Below is the complete fight. The arm lock comes in the last minute of the fight.

Luckily, Tammi's arm was not broken, and was only dislocated. We wish Tammi a speedy recover and healing and for her to be back on the mats training very soon.

We also wanted to share Tammi's Facebook post making a brief statement about the event.

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