14 January 2011

The Basics - Jiu Jitsu Techniques, Positions, and Moves

Below is a compiled list of some Brazilian Jiu Jitsu moves, techniques, and positions. Even just learning basic terminology can be helpful when training, so that you do not get lost when your instructor is talking. Aside from the heavy Brazilian accents they might have, it can be difficult to follow along with all of the jiu jistu lingo. Even some of the simple BJJ positions and moves may have several nicknames that others fighters have never heard of!

Various Jiu Jitsu Positions:

The Mount
The Guard
The Side Mount
Scarf Hold
The Back Mount
Knee On Chest/Stomach

Basic Jiu Jitsu Transitions:

Standing Up In Base
Side Mount To Mount - Step Over
Side Mount To Mount - Knee Drive
Scissor Sweep (Guard To Mount)
Push Sweep (Guard To Mount)
Double Ankle Grab Sweep (Guard To Mount)

Basic Jiu Jitsu Escapes:

Upward Lift Escape (Under Mount)
Guard Escape (Push)
Guard Escape (Elbow Drive)
Passing The Guard (Kneeling)
Head Lock Escape (Hip Roll)
Head Lock Escape (Leg Hook)
Head Lock Escape (Arm Frame)

Basic Jiu Jitsu Arm-Locks:

Americana From The Side Mount
Americana From The Mount
Kimura From The Guard
Kimura From The Side Mount
Shoulder-Lock From The Side Mount
Shoulder-Lock From Scarf Hold
Arm-Bar From The Mount
Arm-Bar From The Guard
Omoplata From A Failed Guard Arm-Bar

Various Jiu Jitsu Chokes:

Collar Choke From The Guard
Underarm Collar Choke From The Guard
Front Collar Scissor Choke From The Guard
Front Naked Choke From The Guard
Guillotine Choke From The Guard
Lion Killer From The Back Mount
Rear Choke From The Guard
Sliding Collar Choke From The Back Mount
Side Mount Choke
Thrusting Choke From Inside The Guard
Triangle Choke From The Guard
Rear Scissor Choke From The Guard
Various Jiu Jitsu Leg-Locks:

Achilles' Ankle Lock From In The Guard
Heel Hook
Knee Bar From In The Guard
Foot Lock Against The Back Mount
Leg Lock From Half Guard

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