22 October 2013

2013 ADCC Champions - Breakdown for 66KG & 77KG Divisions

We’ve said it before --- Some of the most dangerous competitors are the ones that go on a long time losing streak. The ones tweaking and perfecting their game, and relentlessly returning to compete on the mat. This has proven true at the this year’s Abu Dhabi Combat Club (ADCC) Submission Wrestling World Championship. Do not rely on previous competition results…because that will give you very little insight onto what is happening in the World of Jiu Jitsu. Here is a quick break down by weight categories:

-66 kg / 145.5 lbs  Division
The final match in the 66KG division was between  Rafael Mendes and Rubens “Cobrinha” Charles was probably the most predictable final of all the categories – with probably two of the biggest rivals in the sport of Jiu Jitsu. This would be their third ADCC final match up together. The match begins with
takedown attempt by both, relentless 50/50 guard exchanges, foot locks as expected, for about 40 minutes, with 2 overtimes – resulting with no score. The final decision by the judge results in Cobrinha’s hand being raised simply due to the fact that he was more successful with his takedown game. This marks Cobrinha’s first ADCC title.

-77 kg / 169.8 lbs Division
At 77KG,  Kron Gracie won won his very first ADCC title. The quarterfinal match put Kron Gracie in front of newly promoted black belt Garry Tonon. Despite being down in points 6-0, Kron was able to wrangle himself to Tonon’s back to sink in a win securing submission with only 3 seconds left.
The final match between Kron and Otavio Sousa, who had just dispatched two-time champion Leo Vieira. The final lacked any action until Sousa finally made his first move by shooting in on Gracie. However, he made the mistake of leaving his neck out and was forced to tap to a guillotine almost immediately after hitting the mat.  Gracie = GOLD, Sousa = SILVER, Jonathan “JT” Torres = BRONZE.

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