30 January 2014

The Rise of Cicero Costha - Training Top Competitors

Cicero Costha: Train So You Won't Be Afraid Of Anyone  (From BJJ Hacks TV Episode 1.2)

The Rise of Cicero Costha - Training Top Competitors

BJJ Hacks took a trip to Sao Paola, Brazil to find out more about Cicero Costha, and how he continues to produces some of the most elite Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Champions. Costha talks briefly about how he started off with just a few students, began competing and winning titles at International competitions, and his gym slowly began to grow. He speaks of training for competition, and encourages his competitive students to train like they are competing, making competition seem like everyday training. His students speak of the intense schedule of drilling, sometimes 1,000 repetitions per day. Costha love for competition has fueled his ideas and way of life inside his gym. The lifestyle and mentality he has put on his students is most certainly a factor to his success, and for the success of this Brazilian Jiu Jitsu students.

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