04 January 2014

Maximize Energy for Training & Minimize Recovery Time

Maximize Energy for Training & Minimize Recovery Time

We wanted to share some insights from some of the top martial artists in the world, on how to reach the peak performance, maximizing your energy for training, and minimizing your recovery time. To start, here are two key tips that lead to HUGE improvements very quickly:

First: Try to consume at least 0.3-0.6 grams of carbs per pound of your own body weight immediately after training or working out.

Second: DO NOT combine your cardio and strength training on the same day.
Seems too good to be true? Give it a try. Below we will explain a little bit about
your body and why these two things help increase your energy and help speed up your recovery after training and work outs.

Reloading Glycogen 
Recent studies have shown that eating carbs within 15 minutes post-training helps to build adequate glycogen stored to help maintain energy. Glycogen is energy the body uses for intense exercise. However, waiting longer than 2 hours after training can result in a 50 percent decrease in glycogen stored in the muscles. This is because carbohydrate consumption stimulates insulin production, which aids the production of muscle glycogen.

Increase Protein Intake for Quick Recovery
Proteins combined with carbohydrates within thirty minutes post-training nearly doubles the insulin response, which results in more glycogen stored in your muscles. It is recommended to have a carbohydrate to protein ratio of 4:1 to optimize this effect. It is important to note that consuming more protein than this has a negative impact by slowing rehydration and glycogen replenishment.

Hydrate Yourself Constantly
Before you eat, you should always replenish the fluids you lost during training and exercise. The recommended amount is 20-24 ounces per pound of weight lost. This requires you to weigh yourself before and after working out. Keep a scale with you when you are training to check your weight before and after you work out for just this purpose!

What to Eat Before You Train
While it’s not a good idea to exercise on a full stomach – since it can create cramps and nausea – but you do need to give your body fuel so that you are not going on nothing during training. If you’re doing an early morning workout, eat something high in carbs that is easy to digest 20-30 minutes beforehand. Fruit will most likely hit the spot. Liquid meals can be eaten closer to exercise, like fruit smoothies, since they are easier for your body to digest.

Try these things out for about a week, and you should notice a big difference. You will most likely find that you will have increased energy and your recovery time should improve significantly.

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